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minimal culinary skills

Le 6 novembre 2017, 08:15 dans Humeurs 0

I thought I'd share my all-time favorite brussels sprouts recipe with you. It's a slightly extended version of the one I included in Super Natural Cooking, but to be honest, calling it a recipe is a bit of a stretch. It involves a skillet, less than five ingredients, about ten minutes of your time, and minimal culinary skills. You end up with vibrant green, tender brussels sprouts that become deeply golden and crusty where they touch the pan. I then lightly dust them with cheese and serve. This time of year it's not unusual for us to cook them like this two or three times a week.

Even if you're a sprout skeptic, this golden-crusted version has the ability to turn the most vigilant brussels sprout loathers around.

A couple shopping tips before you get started, look for brussels sprouts that are on the small size and tightly closed. The tiny ones cook through quickly, whereas larger ones tend to brown on the outside long before the insides are done. When the weather is mild, I finish them with a lighter, salty cheese, like Parmesan. If it's stormy and cold, I opt for a heavier, more melty cheese, like a regular or smoked Gouda (or gruyere). Or(!), I'll skip the cheese altogether, and add a simple finishing shower of chopped nuts.


be ready to face illness any time

Le 3 novembre 2017, 08:52 dans Humeurs 0

Today I have a topic, which is about some people who do not worry about the illness at all. because they never eat junk food, and they do exercise they think they will not get ill forever.

Now, as you can see, I am a young college student, who have reasonable diet, regular work and rest, appropriate exercise and a good mood. Meanwhile, I can proudly say I have Firm-abs and abdomen muscle abdominal muscles. During my 20 years ,I never have fluid management .

But unfortunately , I got ill last month. before I always showed off my good health to other people. therefore, this time, the discuss make me devastated .all things are not lost. so I decided to treat by fluid management and recovering slowly.but what if I fall in a intractable or severe disease? I think I will lose my directions and feel dumb struck.

Think about this,On day, if you falling seriously ill, what will you do? Crying ? Or complaining? Then you start regretting and swearing to take more exercise and have a lifestyle in next lives. why do you wait until bad things happened before you take action? Why not just do it from now? Illness comes not because who you are. What we can do is reducing incidence rate, like doing exercise, having a balanced diet, keeping early hours and so on.

While the key point here is I want to tell you: be ready to face illness any time. We should accept. that’s we cannot change. There is another thing I want you to remember: Appreciate the days when you are healthy, and breathing freely,just like this way you have the precondition to chase your dreams, and keep your ambitions. Treat life, seriously just like Samuel Butler said:“if life must not be taken too seriously, then so neither must death”that is all.


Pulled Pork though

Le 23 octobre 2017, 11:04 dans Humeurs 0

Snaking past the illuminated case of thin-sliced meats and artisan cheeses, spilling out the door and onto the sidewalk, the line is already at least 15 deep, and it’s not even noon yet. Any respectable food establishment in downtown Berkeley will inevitably experience the usual lunch rush on any given day, but The Butcher’s Son is guaranteed to be more or less a mob scene no matter the hour. After a year and a half of slinging sandwiches to these hungry hordes, their popularity shows no sign of waning, nor the excitement from dying down. Eavesdrop on the masses already tucking into their oversized sandwiches for encouragement to endure the wait; exclamations of deep, primal joy echo off the walls, speaking louder than any formal review.

Salads and fried snacks round out the menu, but make no mistake, it’s all about the sandwiches here. Overstuffed with plant-based meats and dairy-free cheeses, these generous assemblages transcend the boundaries separating vegans and omnivores. Scores of staunch meat eaters have been shocked to discover that this old school deli is entirely flesh-free, even after devouring a full meal. There’s a certain finesse to the casual fare that reveals dedication to the craft that can only come from passion and attention to detail.

Each towering creation is a feat of culinary architecture. The Fried Mozzarella & Meatball could comfortably satisfy two diners, and the Roast Beef Reuben piles on thinly shaved beefless slices and sauerkraut with the same enthusiasm.

Bestsellers include the BLAT, a classic combination of bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato, straight to the point and sure to satisfy any nostalgic cravings. It’s tough to leave without ordering the Pulled Pork though, a saucy, smoky barbecue sensation that’s crowned with tender strings of caramelized onions and creamy coleslaw.

Groaning, straining within the confines of one’s previously well-fitting pants, it would behoove the average diner to reach for a takeout box early on. Resist the temptation of cleaning the plate, no matter how strongly the urge strikes. Besides, there’s still dessert to consider. Don’t overlook the pastry case, stocked with a rotating selection of pies, cheesecakes, cookies, doughnuts, cannoli, flaky croissants, and all variety of other sweet surprises. Just in case you need a meaty fix throughout the week, cold cuts and cheese are sold by the pound, right alongside house-made sour pickles.

Come hungry and early to secure a table, especially for the epic weekend bunch menu. This isn’t your average delicatessen, but the overall experience wouldn’t lead you to think it was any different.


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